About us

Numismatik Fleischmann -your partner in Numismatics

Our passion to numismatics began 30 years ago, building up a collection of coins and medals from ancient to modern times.The collection has grown and also our experience in all aspects of collecting coins,paper money and other objects related to currency.

Our company is now oriented in high graded rare coins from all over the world, especially coins related to the modern era countries since 1500`s.

Besides that we will try to supply all the accessories needed to establish a collection or just to preserve your coins. We can also help in grading and estimating you collection by our specialists or just to submit your coins to authorized grading company NGC.

We are also interested in buying coins from all areas. For that purpose we will offer you top price and in case of selling your collection visit you at your home, and free of charge; evaluate your collection wheter you will sell it to us or not. For buying your collection we can visit you anywhere in Europe if we decide you have interesting and valuable coins from our field of numismatics.

Our company is located in Slovenia,between Austria and Italy as a part of the green Europe.

We will be glad to answer all of your question regarding selling or buying coins from us, or just to receive feedback or suggestion.

CEO:  Elizabeta Fleischmann

Coin specialist:  Uros Fleischmann 

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